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Here are a few more things to let you know more about me! So, my full name is Santana Brooke Morales, I’m 15, my birthday is October 23rd 1998. Currently attending public high school, but hopefully I’ll be able to do online schooling once this school year ends. Favorite colors are dark purple, navy blue, maroon, reds, and just pretty much all dark colors you could think of. Fashion pieces that explain my personality seem to really catch my eye. If anything, I’d say I’m the beauty guru in my family, haha. I love watching Youtubers, although I’ve taken quite a fancy to some British Youtubers lately such as Zoella280390, Pointlessblog, ThatcherJoe, Sprinleofglittler, MarcusButler, CasparLee and just so many more It’d probably take all day to mention! But, to some more personal things in my life.. I’ve been through a ton this year. Depression, self-harming, and finding who my real friends are. This point will occur in some teens lives but it doesn’t mean your life is over and done with. Things WILL get better. Well, there ya have it lovelies! Hope this let you in on a little more of my life. If you have any questions, just click the  link on my account and ask away! I check every afternoon and evening so feel free to ask questions, or give any suggestions on what I should post about next. Thanks! Xxox


Finally decided to make a Tumblr and I thought this would be the perfect name for me. Sometimes I’ll post pictures of photography pieces, song lyrics that speak to me or just some pictures I like and think/hope you’ll like as well. Yes, some may be pointless and I’ll just post them to be posted for you all to see, but that’s just me((: There will always be days when I wont be on at all and wont post things for a while, but sometimes I just need a break and deal with things. But, I mean who doesn’t need a break at times? 

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